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A unique training platform designed by our specialists at P2M Consulting for the development of corporate talent in leadership and business skills.
Date: 2022
Cíl: Development of managerial skills
Target group:: B-level
Language: Czech

P2M Consulting

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B-level Executive Star Training by P2M

Our annual program focused on B-level executives develops all key leadership skills in 4 thematic cycles and helps each individual achieve their full potential.

You can look forward to Martin Vasquez, Marian Jelínek, Petr Mára and other top lecturers from the Czech and Slovak markets, who will pass on their knowledge and experience.

The 4 cycles of leadership development

  • Personal growth
    or how to lead, streamline and motivate yourself and your work
  • Company development
    or how to plan, sell and increase efficiency
  • Team leadership
    or how to lead, motivate and develop your team
  • HR
    or how to approach corporate culture, hiring and working with talents

Register today!

  • February – December 2022
  • 8 online half-day workshops
  • 4 offline networking workshops
  • 3 debriefs

If you are interested in participating in the BEST of 22 course, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Lucie and Klára


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