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CNC Lama 2021

Lama 2021 is an educational program created for Czech News Center employees with the aim of supporting their journey to digital leadership.
Date: 2021
Cíl: Digital transformation
Target group: B-level

P2M Consulting

firemní vzdělávání

Managerial skills & Leadership

Transformational development program for Czech News Center

→ setting up effective communication within the CNC
→ supporting the networking platform of CNC leaders and ambassadors
→ implementation of digital CNC transformation
→ building a communicational, educational and inspirational platform
→ strengthening of CNC corporate culture


  • development of managerial competencies
  • building competencies of potential managers for further growth within the company (team leadership, motivation, etc.)
  • management of complex teams in the implementation of strategic projects (taking responsibility, developing the ability of effective communication, stakeholder management, negotiation, project management)
  • developing leadership skills of the team leaders
  • building corporate culture: building trust and uniting teams in order to break down barriers within the organization and support cooperation across teams

The programs is exclusive to Czech News Center employees.


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