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Google BTP 2023

Google Business Transformation Program 2022 is an annual development program created for the key Google CZ/SK clients and partners.
Date: 2023
Cíl: Inspiration and Development
Target group: C-level

Google BTP 2023

Who is Google Business Transformation Program aimed at?

The Google Business Transformation Program (BTP) is a year-round development program for C-level positions (CEOs, CMOs, or business owners) of key Google CZ/SK clients.

We look forward to seeing you.

Team Google & P2M

What can you look forward to?

The main content of the 6th edition of the BTP program offsite workshops with inspirational Czech personalities from the areas of business, team development, personal development and others.

This year, we develop topics such as personal  the future of marketing, expansion, emotional intelligence as well as more general topics focused on the wider context and society. At the same time, we also encourage know-how and experience and networking.

With the help the best lecturers and inspirational speakers from our and the global markets, we help Google clients grow efficiently and sustainably.

The program is offered exclusively to Google CZ/SK clients.


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