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Petr Jančárek's documentary about the last years of Václav Havel. Although there are a number of documentaries about the president's life, ours aims to capture his message to the world and legacy.
Director: Petr Jančárek
Form: a documentary film
Date of release: to be specified

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A unique documentary film capturing the last years of Václav Havel

In 2009, former president of the Czech Republic, Václav Havel, offered the director and cinematographer Petr Jančárek to document his life. During the last three years of Havel’s life, many unique moments were captured from interactions with the public, private life and meetings with various important people.

For the creation of a new feature-length documentary about Václav Havel, over 200 hours of absolutely unique material are available. The material was filmed as a time-lapse and captures events from his public and private life.

There are a number of documentaries about the president’s life, ours is mainly about his message and legacy. We want to show Václav Havel to the audience in his own style; as a dramatic character with history and development, with a number of doubts; as a timid but consistent director of his own destiny; as a man with a life full of paradoxes, absurdities and unexpected twists.


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